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Recent jewelry

The second-hand rings sold by Héritage de France are all checked and restored if necessary. We call used rings, "modern" rings, i. e. manufactured approximately after the 1980s. They do not seem old enough to us to be called vintage rings (it is a bias, but it is necessary to take one...) and even less antique rings...

A wide choice of rings, is available in our jewelry store in Paris. Whether you are looking for the diamond of your dreams or the rare piece of jewelry, Héritage de France has what it takes to make you fall for it! We choose our precious stones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds) with great care. Exceptional stones are often served to be appraised by an independent laboratory.

We come from a family of Antwerp diamond dealers and are also diamond dealers. We have a very fine expertise in diamonds and precious stones, if you have jewelry that you wish to have appraised, repaired or modified, do not hesitate to bring it to us so that we can give you our expert opinion.

Our used jewels are not reproductions or copies. These are jewels that have been worn and that we carefully select before giving them to our workshops for inspection and possible repairs; of course, as they are second-hand rings, they have been worn but we do everything possible to remove slight traces of wear (micro-scratches) and reinforce all the gem sets if there are any. Our purchasing and quality control procedure requires us to check that each used jewel in general and each used ring in particular does not present any fragility.

Our workshop in Paris, checks every piece of jewelry purchased by Héritage de France. Second-hand rings can be signed (Cartier, Boucheron, Chaument, Fred, etc.). In this case, we check the signatures as well as the numbers when the rings are numbered...

Here is a selection of used rings available in our jewelry store

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Diamond and Ruby Cluster Ring

5 800 €


Pompadour Diamond Ring

Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring

4 700 €


Toi et Moi Diamond and Emerald Ring

Diamond Band Ring

3 200 €

Gold and Diamond Vintage Ring

2 700 €

Gold Signet Ring

1 780 €


Rose Gold and Diamond Ring

Gold and Diamond Dome Ring

1 900 €

Diamond and Emerald Pompadour Ring

5 900 €


Emerald and Diamond Ring


Pompadour Ruby Ring

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