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Diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings

The engagement ring and the diamond...a long love story...

We don't wear a diamond but a ring. It seems obvious but nevertheless to focus on the stone, we sometimes forget the importance of the ring and the effect it gives once worn. For your engagement ring, you must of course choose a diamond of high quality. The most important thing is that it remains white and that no major inclusions interfere with the shine and therefore its brilliance. That said, an old or used engagement ring should be tried because it is only once you have passed on your finger that you will know if it is yours...
You can find rings from all periods set with diamonds. What could be more elegant than a Belle époque or Art-Deco engagement ring? 

Buying an old or used diamond engagement ring means you want a unique piece, a piece of jewelry that you won't see on another one! At Héritage de France we offer mostly unique rings since we do not manufacture from "new" stones... We often serve diamonds from old jewelry that is too worn and that we can no longer restore. We can make the ring of your dreams from these beautiful diamonds, often cut the old-fashioned way. The result is surprising...

If you are lucky enough to own a family diamond that you want to have mounted as an engagement ring, we can offer you a large number of mountings. We are among the only ones in Paris to have dozens of carats of small old cut diamonds to match your old diamond. It is indeed disastrous to use small modern cut diamonds to surround or support an old cut diamond.

In Paris, we have been buying and selling diamonds for more than 20 years, including old-fashioned cut diamonds, and here is a selection of diamond engagement rings available in our jewelry store in Paris

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Diamond trilogy ring 2,09ct total

4 450 €

Diamonds Toi et moi ring

1 350 €

Art Déco diamonds ring

2 450 €

Art Déco diamond and sapphire ring

15 800 €

Diamond and sapphire toi et moi ring

5 800 €

Sapphire and diamonds trilogy ring

5 850 €

Art Déco diamonds ring

3 950 €

Toi & moi diamonds ring

8 750 €

Diamonds Toi et moi ring

7 800 €

1,30 ct diamond cluster ring

8 800 €

Solitaire antique diamond ring

2 750 €

Diamonds Toi et moi ring

2 350 €

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