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Jewelry in paris
78, avenue de Suffren
75 015 PARIS

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Expertise of antique and modern jewelry

How to get an appraisal

 In the case of an heritage, succesion or sharing, you may need your old or contemporary jewelry to be appraised.

Old documents you may have, such as invoices, insurance appraisals, or auctioneers’ estimations are not sufficient to determine the value of your jewelry.

We have the experience and expertise to assist you in the appraisal of your jewelry. 

The value of a jewel is not easy to determine.

The expertise of a jewel requires specific equipment and know-how.

We follow a procedure that allows us to get a clear idea of the value of your jewelry.

First we have to weight your jewel. Then we controle the material by rubbing it lightly on a touchstone. This allows us to determine if it is made from 18 k gold, 14 k gold, platinum or silver.

Then, we must carefully examine the mounted stones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, etc.). In the majority of cases, by measuring a mounted stone, we can have a fairly accurate idea of its weight. Then, by using a magnifying glass x10, we try to determine its purity or the presence of a treatment. For exceptional stones, we may ask you to seek the advice of a laboratory. There are some excellent ones in Paris. We are very attentive to this last point because the weight and quality of the stones have, of course, a substantial consequence on the value of your jewel.

Finally, we look for hallmarks to identify the origin of the jewel. The hallmarks give us precious information on the period but also on the place where the jewels have been manufactured. Sometimes, it is also possible for us to find the Maker's Mark, often composed of two letters and a pictogram. The important jewelry houses of Place Vendôme (Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron, Chaumet, etc.) signed almost systematically their jewelry and sometimes numbered their creations.

Based on our knowledge of the antique and second hand jewelery market, we will be able to give you an appraisal of the selling price. This is the average amount that will be offered by any antique jeweler professional to buy your jewelry.

If you wish to sell and if we are interested to buy, we will make you an offer and we wil pay you directly.
The appraisal of your jewelry can take a little time and it is better to contact us beforehand to make a appointment.  Small advice: bring with you the documents you have (invoices, old appraisals, certificates, repair papers and the original boxes of your old or second-hand jewels ...).

Note that our oral appraisals are free of charge. 

See you soon...