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Antique jewelry

Héritage de France offers a wide selection of antique rings from the Napoleon III period to the Tank period of the 1940s. 

A wide choice, always in motion, of antique rings is available in our Paris jewelry store, we still have copies of the timeless Art-Déco ring with its geometric lines. These rings are surprisingly modern and can be worn on any occasion as they perfectly match other styles of jewelry or clothing. Art-Deco rings very paved with diamonds may seem difficult to wear on a daily basis, but their " fancy " aspect makes them perfect to match a casual look....

Art-nouveau period rings are rarer than Art-Deco rings. They are part of the period known as the Belle-Epoque. These rings are very finely crafted and are often set with high quality stones, if you like the Tank period of the 40's, then you share our passion! We love this period which expresses a fantasy painfully elegant. Tank rings are bulky, sometimes at the limit of the laptop (some rings can weigh more than 30 grams!). Their strong style and the materials used make them very beautiful. Whatever the time you like, the ring of your dreams may be in one of our showcases, while antique rings are often set with beautiful stones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds).

We choose them with great care. Exceptional stones are often served to be examined by an independent laboratory and our antique rings are not reproductions or copies. These are jewels that have survived through the ages and that we select with great care before giving them to our workshop for inspection and restoration.

Here is a selection of antique jewelry in our jewelry store in Paris

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Diamonds Toi et moi ring

1 350 €

Pompadour Ruby and Diamonds Ring

7 800 €


Solitaire diamond ring

Antique Marquise Diamonds Ring

3 850 €

Antique Trilogy Diamond Ring

2 900 €

Vintage Diamond Ring

2 450 €

Antique Marquise Ring set with Sapphire and Diamonds - circa 1910

1 950 €

Emerald and Diamonds Toi et Moi Ring

3 950 €

Vintage Rose Gold and Diamonds Ring

2 550 €


Diamonds cluster ring


Aqua-marine Tank ring


Cluster Art Deco diamonds ring - On Hold WdL

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