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Jewelry in paris
78, avenue de Suffren
75 015 PARIS

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Bijoux anciens signés et d'occasion à PARIS

Our jewelry store is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm

New jewelry

Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

3 900 €

Diamond Tank Ring

2 400 €

Diamond Pendant

6 800 €

Diamond Daisy Ring

6 800 €

Antique Marquise Diamond Ring

5 800 €

Dormeuses Diamond Earrings

2 250 €

Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

2 900 €

Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring

2 200 €

Daisy Diamond and Natural Pearl Ring

3 800 €

Art Deco Cluster Diamond Ring

18 000 €

Art-Deco Pearl Necklace

2 500 €

Marquise Diamond Necklace

2 800 €

Selling gold

Selling gold

Precious jewels or gold?

Expertise & procedures

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Expertise of Antique and modern jewelry

Expertise of Antique and modern jewelry

Antique or modern jewelry

Free appraisals

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Acheter et vendre des bijoux anciens ou d'occasion, des actes écoresponsables

Buying and selling antique or used jewelry, two eco-responsible actions

The impact of metal and gemstones mining industries on the environment


Antique and second-hand jewelry in Paris

In our jewelry store, Héritage de France, at the entrance of the "Village Suisse" in Paris, we welcome you to propose you the most beautiful old or second-hand jewellery.

Our Art Deco rings, diamond pendants, tank bracelets, "dormeuse" earrings earrings or Art Deco brooches are carefully selected for the quality of their workmanship. At Héritage de France, we put all our expertise as an antique dealer to choose the most beautiful stones, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies... When we consider that precious stones are exceptional, we ask various renowned laboratories for certification. We are particularly sensitive to the brilliance and size of old stones which have, in our eyes, a incredible charm. These stones, set in antique jewels, often come from mines that have dried up for a long time...

Our restoration workshop in Paris ensures that every antique or second-hand piece of jewelry sold by Héritage de France is in excellent condition. We check that the claws holding the stones are solid and that the body of the rings or any other element of the jewelry is irreproachable.

We also propose second-hand pieces signed by the most famous French jewelry houses, such as Cartier, Boucheron or Van-Cleef and Arpels for example. We check, of course, the hallmarks, signatures and numbers.

Expertise and sales

In France, as elsewhere, dealing with antique or second-hand jewelry is not easy. Unlike gold coins or ingots that have a rib, the resale price of a jewel is defined by the intrinsic value of the metals and stones that compose it but also by the quality of its realization, its time and of course its rarity. The market for second-hand jewelry in general and antique jewelry, sometimes called "vintage" jewelry, in particular, is constantly evolving. At Héritage de France, we have a detailed knowledge of this market that follows fashions. For example, the demand for jewelry from the 1940s, known as "tank" jewelry, has increased enormously this year, whereas 5 years ago jewelers founded them to make modern jewelry! The jewels of the Art-Deco period, around 1930, are still as popular as they were 10 or 20 years ago... Our experience as an antique jewelry dealer in France with an international clientele allows us to keep abreast of the evolution of the trends.

If you wish to know the value of your old or recent jewelry (second-hand jewelry), we can carry out free* expert appraisals in our jewelry store in Paris Héritage de France with or without an appointment. In the context of inheritance, succession or sharing, it is essential to have a precise and real idea of the resale price of the jewelry. Auctioneers' estimates or expert opinions for insurance purposes are not sufficient to determine the actual resale price. Asking an antique dealer for antique jewelry is a good way to get a concrete idea of the resale price. At Héritage de France, we make firm purchase proposals that we can immediately pay by cheque. For more information about our methodology and possible jewelry buyback proposals, please click on the "expertise" link in the menu.

*Oral expertise (if a document is required, we will provide you with a quotation in advance)

Our website

Hé, our site for the sale of antique or second-hand jewelry, allows you to place orders online. We make every effort to give as much information as possible about the jewelry we sell but feel free to ask us any questions. We will always be happy to answer!

The photos of the jewelry on Hé are taken in a "daylight" environment that gives you a real idea of the colours, reflections and brilliance of the precious stones but also of the materials (yellow gold, pink gold, platinum or silver). Nevertheless, the definition of your screen can slightly modify the display of the photos and it is always preferable, if you have the possibility, to come to our jewelry store in Paris to try the jewels and let yourself be dazzled....

So see you soon....

Héritage de France